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The Fast and the Furious

When this blog was finally set up (read, all my shenanigans of fonts, colours, templates, blah, blah), my best friend and I settled down for a bit of friendly argument. The first entry would be about Formula 1. No, it would be about superbikes. No, absolutely not, I want to write about Ayrton Senna. We were in the midst of this extremely intense discussion when he got a message. Watch CNN-IBN. More specifically, watch their take on the Lamborghini accident… To read more, click here.

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3 Responses

  1. our traffic sense shows everything that’s wrong with us as a nation. Loud, aggressive, rude and cutting lanes to get ahead. trying to run pedestrians over. the day we learn to drive responsibly, we will arrive as a superpower.

  2. The point is, despite the noisy “ban”ers, the reality on the roads is a never ending tragedy- the most recent PTI Reports- in Delhi,just on the day of Holi four motorcyclists, lost their lives,- due to motorcycles slipping or hitting a central verge, a tree or a pole. Drunken driving, over-speeding, dangerous driving, triple riding, minor driving, driving and riding without helmet are too common .
    Common bikes or superbikes dont make a difference for a biker who hits the road and does not care to respect the machine or the others on the road.
    May be, superbikes and Lamborghinis deserve better men with more than a driving license or a fat purse and of course better roads .

  3. Rich parents, fast cars / motorcycles and no common sense.

    It all adds up – young kids get what they want and they flaunt. They have no idea about the power, let alone know the meaning of the word, ‘responsibility’.

    I hate to say this, but it is the parents that are to be blamed – Azharuddin’s son and now a 26 year old in the Gallardo. Unfortunately, the parents have no idea about the power of these machines. These machines have to be respected, otherwise they will cost you your life – having some driving / riding skill and common sense is half the battle won.

    If you need to speed, do it on the track; If you need to ride fast on the streets, do it responsibly. Consideration and care need to be shown to other people on the road.

    The bottom line is, life is very short ………………..

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