The throaty roar of an inline-four, the swish of a chequered flag, the camaraderie of riding together, and the legends and their greatest hits.

Month: April 2012

The Rainmakers

The thunderclouds bring hope when it rains in Spain. At least for Vale fans, thirsty for #46 at the helm, leading the pack, and starved to see him on the podium. So, the practice sessions were nothing short of electric, and even though Vale didn’t do as well as we wanted him to at the… Read More ›

The Dilemma

I know I have been pretty quiet in the days leading up to and after the Bahrain GP. It’s very unlike me. But honestly, I wanted to think carefully, before sitting down to write this post. There is a part of me that wants to take the easy way out – to overlook the civil… Read More ›

A Rain-Swept Day

Sailesh Bolisetti and teammate Phil Glew battled a rain-slick circuit in Oulton Park to come out in second in Round 1 of the British GT. Here’s how it happened. By Sailesh Bolisetti After putting in some solid sessions behind the wheel of the Lotus Evora GT4 at Oulton Park last month, I could barely wait… Read More ›

Shanghai Hustle

It was coming on 12.30pm and I was getting edgy. Time was moving too slow. I sighed, loud enough for my mom to look up, amused. “Ok, so, who is going to win today?” I looked at mom and then back at the television. Bernie Ecclestone was busy walking up and down the pitlane. “Well?”… Read More ›

The Bets Are Off

Throw all your cards up in the air and watch where they land. Search for the method in the chaos and you will find none; at least not at the grid in Shanghai. I must admit, after the Sepang Surprise (rain and all), I was expecting a regular race. You know the sort, with the… Read More ›

A Twist in the Tale

Waiting for the first race of a season is sort of like reading a brilliantly written murder mystery. The build-up is immense, and you more or less, can guess the killer. No, you can’t skip to the end. That’s against the rules of how to read a murder mystery. Well, anyway, there are usually two… Read More ›

The First Date

Sailesh Bolisetti and teammate Phil Glew came second in the first round of British GT 2012 at Oulton Park. It was a thrilling moment for the 23-year-old from Vishakhapatnam, India. That post will be coming soon; once he gets his breath back. For now, here’s his first experience of testing the Lotus Evora GT4, a… Read More ›

The First Day of History?

Yeah, I am one of those ones. You know the sort, like a child with a bucket full of candy, clapping her hands every time she hears the jet-fighter explosion of a superbike coming to life. I am the one who loves motorcycles and the beauty in their lines that evolves with every season. I… Read More ›

A Journey to the Deep End: Racing for the British GT

The first time I spoke to Sailesh, I was surprised. Here was a quiet guy with oodles and oodles of talent. Sailesh Bolisetti made his début in 2008 driving at the JK Tyre National Racing Championship. He soon shifted his focus to touring cars – Le Mans is his dream. In 2010, he won the inaugural… Read More ›