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Heading to Hell!

Sailesh Bolisetti was busy getting ready for Nürburgring, but took some time out to write a post for Riding Fast and Flying Low, a precursor to what will be an extremely challenging weekend at one of the most exciting and difficult circuits in Europe. It is 5.148km long and Sir Jackie Stewart nicknamed the old circuit The Green Hell. Here’s wishing him and his teammate Phil Glew lots of luck!!

Sailesh Bolisetti/Phil Glew – Lotus Sports UK Lotus Evora GT4. Picture courtesy: Sailesh Bolisetti

It has been a month since I made my British GT debut, but the wait to get back in the car has felt like forever. Oulton Park turned out be quite a satisfactory outing for me and the Lotus Sport UK team, thanks to the two second places despite extremely difficult conditions the first time out.

I am now on my way to the infamous Nürburgring circuit in Germany. The second round of the championship will take place this weekend – May 17-19. This is the only round in the championship held outside the UK, which means no testing before the actual race weekend kicks off!

As some of you would know, the legendary 24 hours of Nürburgring, also known as the Green Hell, is taking place this weekend. So expect a carnival of racing. We will use the GP circuit for our races – the one that hosts the Formula 1 race. It is a fast, flowing circuit compared to the more technical nature of Oulton Park. It is going to be a challenging task mastering the Lotus Evora GT4 around, right from the first practice session on Thursday, especially without any testing.

The Green Hell. Picture used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license

The weekend schedule is similar to round one – two qualifying sessions, one each for two one-hour races, but everything is pretty much tightly packed, as there are several other races during the weekend. Even though I know the layout of the track, having driven it in video games, but I do know that it is going to be a different ball game, once I am strapped in and driving a real car.

Luckily, my teammate Phil Glew has some experience at Nürburgring, so I’m hoping to pick up from that, as our combined pace will determine the outcome of the race against our competitors.

I’ve spent most of the month’s break in India, albeit travelling all over and gymming. But that’s about it. That’s a racing driver’s life – when you’re not racing, you’re either looking for sponsors to race, or involved with media stuff. Not as glamorous as it looks from the outside! Getting sponsors to invest in motorsports especially in our country is an uphill task – yes things are picking up, as the sponsors slowly realise that cricket isn’t the end-all, but it will still take us a while to get there.

Apart from this, I’ve also been busy in a little project of my own. No details yet, but in a small way it is a contribution to give something back to motorsport and my hometown of Vizag – so that aspiring racers do not face the same roadblocks I did. More on this later when I see things happening!

For now though, it is Nürburgring on my mind. Hopefully there’ll be no hiccups – although the weather forecast predicts some chances of showers on the weekend. But ultimately it’s racing. It is the same for everyone and it is up to us to deal with it.

And there goes my boarding announcement. Looks like it is time to head off – wish me luck!

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