The throaty roar of an inline-four, the swish of a chequered flag, the camaraderie of riding together, and the legends and their greatest hits.

Month: July 2012

To Different Shores

What would you do to watch a race? To ensure that you wouldn’t miss it, even for a minute? My home comes to a standstill every Race Day evening. I hold on to the remote for my dear life, no one’s allowed to have a conversation on anything, except of course the race, and god… Read More ›

Seven Times and Counting

There was excitement in the air this Saturday after Tom Sykes scored his seventh pole of the season. The would-he-wouldn’t-he began anew. Would Kawa finally break its jinx at the battleground we call Brno? I was definitely hoping for a win – Sykes needed it. It was long in coming. Sykes said it too after… Read More ›

Reign of Spain

This season just doesn’t let up now, does it? Just when you think you are getting a boring race. Wham! It turns around and kicks you right in the you-know-where. No, I am not complaining. I promise. I love an unpredictable race, especially if it’s on one of my favourite circuits. Rain during Qualifying ensured… Read More ›

Blast From the Past

Finally, it’s F1 time. Excitement galore! I know, I know, we are all excited. Everyone does tend to get a tad grumpy when there’s too much of a break between races. Lord only knows how I will survive the one-month long annual F1 summer holiday. It’s coming up soon and I am going to be… Read More ›

It’s Mayhem, With a Capital ‘M’

It was an eventful, yet disappointing race at Brand Hatch. So, things should have become better back home. But Sailesh Bolisetti got a surprise. He returned home to India only to deal with a stubborn visa officer and not-so-gentlemanly racers! After the Rockingham disappointment, where a failed driveshaft robbed us of a certain victory, there… Read More ›

Bittersweet Symphony

I ask myself at the end of every race, “What was so special about this one? What made it stand out? Was it that kind of a race, which stays in your memories long after, each turn and manoeuvre embossed in your mind?” Mugello came to an end. My parents, now unwitting partners in crime… Read More ›

Sachsenring in 5

I have really gone and done it, haven’t I? Left it for the absolute last. There is nothing worse than writing a race review on the eve of the next race. But, after that mind-blowing Qualifying, I must do justice to the Sachsenring race. There were several incredible moments there, in-team breathless battles that threw out some startling… Read More ›

After the Deluge

Who would have thought it eh? Staying afloat was the Great Saturday Qualifying Challenge. But come Sunday, it was the players, and not the elements, that threw up the real drama. Silverstone was the next playground for all those little stories that have made this season so special. Tyre management and strategy was the biggest… Read More ›

…And Then It Poured

I love the monsoons in Delhi. The rains sweep away the dust, the grime, and the heat leaving the city clear, whitewashed. But the rains at a circuit on race weekend are a different story. They give birth to stories, legends even. It’s these stories that stay with us for eternity. They bring a sparkle… Read More ›

A Fighting Spirit

One of the most disconcerting things about news is that it is often momentary. When something happens, the news is splashed, bandied about, and thrust under our very noses. Then, just like that it disappears. After the initial blast of news articles on Joan Lascorz, detailing every little bit of the crash, his surgery and the… Read More ›