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A Fighting Spirit

One of the most disconcerting things about news is that it is often momentary. When something happens, the news is splashed, bandied about, and thrust under our very noses. Then, just like that it disappears.

After the initial blast of news articles on Joan Lascorz, detailing every little bit of the crash, his surgery and the transfer to the Guttmann Institute, there was a complete lull. I Googled and searched for more information, seeking perhaps a sense of reassurance that he was doing alright. There was nothing. There can be nothing more horrid than complete silence. Until a few days ago, a photograph popped up on my Facebook page of a smiling Joan with Albert Llovera, a rally driver and former skier. Llovera was 18 when a serious accident left him paralysed. He is now a rally driver competing in the Super 2000 World Rally Championship, racing an adapted hand-controlled Fiat Abarth Grande Punto S2000.

Nothing mattered after I saw the image. All I felt was a sense of happiness, looking at Joan’s sun-shiney smile. He radiated hope and faith! Here it is.

Joan with Albert Llovera (right). Image from Albert Llovera’s Facebook page

Doesn’t he look good? (Knock on wood)

Llovera commented on the picture: “I am here with one of my mates from the “Guttmann Team” Joan Lascorz jejeje, a few days ago I was visiting him in his room and now he has been visiting me in mine the whole week. One day we are at the top and the next…we don’t even know. Let’s enjoy everyday and every moment 😉

SBK posted another picture of Joan and Llovera on Facebook. Here it is:

Image courtesy WSBK Facebook page

Isn’t he looking absolutely brilliant?

Yes, I know I want to see him race again. I want see him on the paddock, on the podium. Time will tell what path Joan will take. Till then however, I will keep these pictures in my heart. They tell a story that has more strength than any news article.

This post though will not be complete without mentioning the letter Isidre Esteve wrote to Joan. Esteve is a motorcycle rallyist who lost mobility in his legs after an accident during a rally in Almeria (I have translated it from Spanish, so apologies for any error).

He said, “In my life, I have tried to get to the point bluntly, take things as they come and act…Obviously you will pass a very hard time… You’ll see and feel all darkness, powerless to do anything…But, we (athletes) are used to fight, work, improvement, and not afraid of sacrifice. Look for a new goal, I assure you there is.”

He also wrote: “Life is a gift, sometimes it punishes us or shakes us. But we are obliged to accept and enjoy to the best within our means, squeeze it and make the best of it. Live it. If you look around, you will see hundreds of reasons to do so.”

Stay strong Jumbo Lascroz. Forza #17

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  1. ‎…very touching and inspiring. Thanks for the post Chitra, and get well soon Joan!

  2. A truly inspiring story.Wish him all the best. hope you keep a track on him.


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