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Month: August 2012

Forza Joan!

Kawasaki finally broke several months of silence today, releasing an update on Joan Lascorz. I was filled with conflicting emotions – deep sadness being one of them. But, even as I read and re-read the official press release, and then Joan’s statement, I was at peace. For in my mind, through it all was that… Read More ›

[Opinion] Dear Sir, Don’t Gag Me No More

There is a distinct sense of discomfort when you realize that all is not what it seems – that perhaps the very concept of freedom of speech is nothing but eyewash. The censorship debate is eternal, is it not? What is acceptable and what is not. Who decides what is acceptable? Where do you draw… Read More ›

Chills, Thrills and Spills

If you are anything like me and follow the world of motorsports in an obsessive manner, then you know what I mean, when I say this summer break has been interminably long. What better way then to ring in the return of racing season, than at the Indianapolis circuit? It’s enough to give man and… Read More ›

To The Racing Green

My heart skipped a beat, leaving me breathless, the first time I saw that Green: glinting, candy-lime, with golden flecks, sunlight bouncing off my friend’s ZX12R. My heart still does that little dance when I see the colour, slightly different; a beautiful lime green, as it zips past my television screen. Amidst the blacks, reds,… Read More ›

Bye-Bye Red

Who says motorsports vacations are quiet, restful and uneventful? I was getting ready for my first race-free weekend, mulling over an interesting beginning to my WSBK race review, and wondering of ways to fill my time. I moseyed on over to the MotoGP website and bang! I got an eyeful of a press release that… Read More ›

The Great Visa Game

Sailesh Bolisetti had just about settled in, trying to come to terms with the disastrous Brands Hatch race. Snetterton was coming up and it gave the Lotus GT team another chance to get back into the championship game. It was when I asked him to write an update for the blog that he broke the… Read More ›

Hungary For More

F1 fans are high maintenance. Don’t shrug. You know I speak the truth. It’s not our fault though. The Great Masters have spoilt us. So, we do tend to get pretty grumpy, when races fail to measure up. Take Hungary, for instance. I was expecting something spectacular. Don’t snigger now. This season has been pretty… Read More ›

The Corkscrew, Ducati, and the Northern Power Grid

You know how you build things up, wait for them in anticipation, jumping at the lead, impatient, and tapping your feet in an incessant manner? That described me, the evening before the Laguna Seca GP. The night drew on, dragged almost, as my eyes drooped. But I stood stubborn. Superman Returns blared on TV. Twitter… Read More ›