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Month: September 2012

[News] I Had Scrambled Drivers For Breakfast

Remember how we started the F1 season? I know it’s a distant memory – it is for me. So much has happened since then. But remember the beginning? Our greatest heartache then, was those ugly-ass noses. I mean, for crying out loud. Wondering why I am bringing that up right now? Friday was supposed to… Read More ›

Snakes & Ladders

With just two races to go, you would think the World Superbike Championship was in the bag. Say again? You wish! If anything, the Championship had a massive toss-up at Portimao. It does look like the motor sports world has, this season, decided to be wishy-washy. Good for us, I say. There has been much… Read More ›

The Singapore Screwdriver

It was the 58th lap and Bruno Senna came to a complete standstill. I threw my hands up in the air and shouted, “For crying out loud.” Pardon my frustration, but I was exhausted. Two hours of racing, much of it behind the safety car, had left me slumped in my chair. There’s also only… Read More ›

The Medicine Man

This has been one of those posts I have struggled to write, and I mean struggled. It’s not like I have nothing to say. I have a lot to say, so much to write – but none of it does justice. For how do you describe Dr Sid Watkins, a man who means so much,… Read More ›

Shock and Awe

This was it. One of those races where I expected Sheldon Cooper to jump out periodically, shouting Bazinga! I would have done it too. But I was too busy clutching my hands, wringing them, taking deep breaths to calm my pounding heart, and wiping my sweaty palms on my jeans. I would have of course,… Read More ›

Going to Hell and Back

If you have read my blog long enough, you know that I love classic circuits. You know the sort: twisty, technical, fast, challenging, and absolutely mind-boggling. None of that post-modern stuff for me, thank you very much. Needless to say, I squealed with delight when WSBK headed to Nürburgring. Kawasaki, The Green Hornet, at the… Read More ›

The Monza Mystique

Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes a classic track and throws everything – including the championship – for a twisted, confused loop. I shouldn’t be surprised. It is after all, Monza – the granddaddy of tracks. We pay obeisance at its doors – this temple of speed – as we… Read More ›

This is Spa-rta

Remember the F1 of old? You know the sort I refer to: Neck-to-neck racing, wheel to wheel, racer versus racer, unexpected moves, fanatical overtaking, unbelievable speed, and heart-in-mouth till the very last minute. It was never clinical, defined only by the virtues of a machine. Why am I so sentimental? That’s because it was Spa… Read More ›