The throaty roar of an inline-four, the swish of a chequered flag, the camaraderie of riding together, and the legends and their greatest hits.

Month: December 2012

To Joan, With Love

There comes a time when we are thrown a curveball that shifts life on its very axis, changing everything. We face two options then – to rise like a phoenix or crumble to pieces. For Joan Lascorz, there was no option save one: to face life as a warrior, the kind he has always been… Read More ›

Memory Games: WSBK, The 2012 Season

Sunday dawns and I look around nervously, glancing at the clock, waiting for 5.30pm. Then, I stop, sigh a big, sad sigh and walk away from the television. Youtube is my new best friend. I watch races on repeat again, and again, and then again. The countdown clock on my computer doesn’t believe in the… Read More ›

Carpe Diem: An Interview with Jenny Tinmouth

There are some people who dare to dream, and then take baby steps towards it. Then, there are others – like Jenny Tinmouth – who seize their dream and do what is needed to make it real. No wonder then that the 34-year-old from Chester, UK has a stream of accomplishments to her name. She… Read More ›

Wet and Wild: The Grand Finale

It has been exactly three weeks to the day. You would think the memory has dimmed. But it hasn’t. I let my eyes glaze over a bit and think back. The memories come flooding back – the growl of the motorcycles echoing through the circuit, looming dark grey clouds across the sky, the smattering of… Read More ›