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To Joan, With Love

There comes a time when we are thrown a curveball that shifts life on its very axis, changing everything. We face two options then – to rise like a phoenix or crumble to pieces. For Joan Lascorz, there was no option save one: to face life as a warrior, the kind he has always been – steadfast, courageous and focused.

It is his strength that makes him who he is. He has not given up his dream. I don’t know him personally, but I don’t need to – his smile tells me the entire story.

This post on his Facebook page is just one of the many examples, as he races laughing and smiling on a 4WD specially modified for him. See the video here.

In so many ways, it is the reason behind this post. This is a show of support, an ode to his courage and his smile. A small way of saying, “You are a rockstar Jumbo Lascorz. Here’s wishing you good health and that all your dreams come true. Merry Christmas.”

The Power for 17 Lascorz sticker was created by Joan’s friends. I downloaded a copy of the logo and created stickers to circulate among bikers in Delhi as a small token of support. You can see the pictures in detail on Riding Fast and Flying Low’s Facebook page. If you would like a sticker to show support, do get in touch with me on Facebook.

Send messages of support to Joan Lascorz via or on his Facebook page.

The featured image is from Joan Lascorz’s official website at

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  1. Very sweet and touching post. Helped me remember Lascorz and others over the festive period instead of the commercialism of Christmas, his courage is amazing!

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