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Happy Birthday, Ayrton

It’s your birthday today. You would have been 53.

You would have been on Twitter. I would have been a follower, pouring over all the pictures you posted. I would have sent you a message wishing you a happy birthday.

I would have thanked you, innumerable times – for all that you have done for me – an anonymous fan sitting in a far-off country.


I would have told you, how, when life threw me a curve ball, I turned to you – your interviews, your books, your races. Because you taught me to stand up every time I fell. You taught me to face my fears, overcome them, and be who I am.

I would have told you about my Senna Sisters, a wonderful group of women from different parts of the world, from different continents. We have never met, but our love for you, binds us.

I would have told you, each time, every time, how proud I was of Bruno. I think you would have seen BrunosGirls tweet like maniacs every race – F1 or WEC. I would like to think that you would chuckle at our madness.

I would have laughed as you told today’s F1 world, exactly what you thought of them – in that straight up, no-holds-barred, no-nonsense way I love. You never cared what people said. That’s how you felt, and that was that. You had no time for politics. All you wanted to do was race.

I wouldn’t ever tire of telling you that I adored you. I wouldn’t ever tire of telling you that you made me understand motorsports – the way it should be.


Because for me, you are the best. You are the legend.

Today, though, all I can say is I miss you. You have left an emptiness, this gaping hole. I have learned to live with it. But my heart skips a beat, every time I see a green and yellow helmet on the racetrack. All I can do then, is wish that things were different.

Today, though, all I can say is I am thankful that I know you. Happy Birthday Ayrton. You are my hero.

What does Ayrton Senna really mean to you? Send me a photograph, an illustration, or a short write-up of about 50-100 words at I will post all of them on May 1, 2013. This is just my way of remembering a hero, a true legend. 


Ayrton in Monaco photo credit: via photopin cc
Ayrton with a camera photo credit: via photopin cc

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9 Responses

  1. Awwwww Chitra…….it’s so so so beautiful. I’m in tears, again. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Love you, kisses sweetie!

    And thank you Ayrton to link up this wonderful group of amazing women. #BrunosGirls is also a small part of your legacy, which will live forever. Love you, always.

  2. Love, love, love this, what a great and personal way to remember a legend. I think you’d have to go a long way to find a motorsport enthusiast who wasn’t influenced positively by the magic that was Senna.

  3. Beautiful! Your message typifies the feelings of the multitude of Senna fans. I wonder if you had watched Ayrton LIVE. I had to make do with F1 footages only… and of course, I read books and articles written about him. I often wished I had been born earlier if only to get electrified seeing him in action.

    • Thank you. Unfortunately, I never got to watch Ayrton race LIVE. But I wish I had. I had to make do with videos, interviews, and books. Even then, he left a great impact on my life, still does.

  4. SUCH a beautiful post. I only know Ayrton through you and I’ve come to love him too. He would be proud of you my sweetie :*

  5. I have lost count of the number of times I have read this and STILL it makes me cry. It’s as though you looked into my heart and wrote what you found there. Absolutely stunning. THIS is why you’re a multi award winning writer. THIS is why I am proud, honored and humbled to call you not just my friend, by my Sister. Love you Pingy xxxx

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