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[NEWS] Gresini Racing Remembers Daijiro


It has been 10 years since the MotoGP world lost Daijiro Kato, a man who brought his own special touch to the world of racing. He was perhaps Japan’s most successful GP rider, destined for great victories.

Gresini Racing today announced that the number 74 will be visible on all Gresini bikes in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP this weekend, as a tribute to Daijiro.

In an emotional press release, the team stated: It is 10 years ago to the day that the world lost the smile of Daijiro Kato. Ten years without the number 74, a number that remains imprinted on the hearts of everybody in the team and of Fausto Gresini. Daijiro was a true champion who delighted his thousands of fans around the world with his incredible riding and winning spirit. Today the number 74 will be visible on all of the Gresini bikes in Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP in tribute to a great champion.”

Kato_2In a statement, Fausto Gresini said, “The 20th April is a very sad day for us because it marks exactly ten years since we lost Daijiro Kato in a tragic accident in Japan. Today we want to remember him, as we knew him, with that smile that met each of his Grand Prix wins and lit up his face on so many occasions away from the track. His simplicity, combined with his inspired commitment, were two extraordinary facets of his character. Today we will have the number 74 on all of our bikes – a fitting tribute to a great champion who will always remain in our hearts and who we want to be remembered forever.”

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  1. Totally beat me to covering this, thought it was a lovely and fitting tribute from his team, a nice way to remember. This new qualifying format means I feel like I’ve been typing all day!

  2. it must be really hard for this team to lose two riders in freak crashes. RIP 74 and 58.

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