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Monza Ahoy

They say silence in golden, but in my case silence has more to do with my day job, i.e. that which pays the bills. Considering I was taking a lot of time off, I figured, it was time I earned my keep. Then, on Thursday I hopped on a flight and made my way to the temple of speed, Monza, a track I have always dreamed of visiting, to see the mad, crazy, absolutely stunning world of the World Superbike Championships. The trip wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing folks over at Eni, as this visit is a part of the Eni – Energy for Success 2012 award for the best article in the under 36 category.

Image copyright Chitra Subramanyam @

Image copyright Chitra Subramanyam @

It is also the reason why I am not griping about missing the Spanish Grand Prix. I mean would you, if you were sitting in a choc-a-bloc media centre, tapping away on the iPad, preparing for interviews AND going all fangirl as the ground vibrated every time a bike left its garage?

It poured...and poured

It poured…and poured. Image copyright Chitra Subramanyam @

Friday morning, true to form, Monza was awash with rain; not the drizzle-a-bit sort, mind you, but an absolute downpour, and as I left the Paddock at 9pm, lightning as well.

But I wasn’t complaining. I was too busy having multiple fan girl moments. And I am not counting the little hop, as I passed the Fangio statue, peering into a store and yelping as I spotted a teeny replica of Ayrton Senna’s helmet, and then later gasping at the gigantic trees around the park.

Amidst history! Just a teeny bit of the embankment at Monza

Amidst history! Just a teeny bit of the embankment at Monza. Image copyright Chitra Subramanyam @

In all of this of course, was the stunning embankment, a silent testimony to a long gone era of racing. I stood there, just looking at it and felt a tiny shiver of fear as I imagined cars of that time going high up on to the Oval.

The return to reality wasn’t too bad either. It was an afternoon well spent, with interviews and watching the free practice from my rather awesome vantage point above the pits.

Today is another day. An important one that’s for sure. The sun is out, and if the weather forecast for this weekend is exact (the weatherman is known to have been wrong on occasion), it will be sunny all the way through. Soon, it will be time for Super Pole. Gotta go!

Coming soon: Exclusive interviews and more on the Monza round of the World Superbike Championship

All images copyright Chitra Subramanyam @

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  1. Excellent piece of writing.congrats. pen picture of ambience around monza.


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