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Month: August 2013

Rookie Attack: The Brno Race Highlights

Marc Marquez, the youngest rookie on the circuit, solidified his championship lead, leaving the old guard scrambling for footing. Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo did however manage to join him on the podium. It was brilliant MotoGP racing as usual at Brno. By Chitra Subramanyam We all love young interlopers who leave the old guard… Read More ›

Where Were the Spa-rkles?: The F1 Race Review

The Spa fireworks were missing. There were no biblical downpours and very little wheel-to-wheel action. But worry not, says Nikki Grubb-Clarke. We will get some classic F1 action soon. Till then, make peace with the Finger Sebastian Vettel on the podium. At least, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton made a comeback. Isn’t that a relief?… Read More ›

Spa-ctacular! The F1 Qualifying Notes

Nikki Grubb-Clarke kicks off those F1 holiday blues and welcomes us to Spa and a phenomenal Qualifying. This is where our delightful Lewis Hamilton knocked bleached-out Sebastian Vettel off the pole. Even as Vettel scrambled for 2nd on the grid, the awesome Australian, Mark Webber, took 3rd place. All this of course, in rain. On… Read More ›

Satellite Fever: MotoGP Qualifying Notes

MotoGP continued its 2013 trend of giving us spectacular qualifying sessions. The satellite teams rocked Brno as Cal Crutchlow took pole, followed closely by Alvaro Bautista. Marc Marquez had to make do with a 3rd spot on the grid. By Chitra Subramanyam Them satellites are really moving out of their orbit. I know I sound… Read More ›

The Doctor, Captain America and Two Angry Young Men

I was hoping for fireworks after that heart-rending Qualifying session on Saturday. Though, I must admit, I wasn’t really holding out for much. I figured Marc Marquez would make his flashy, yet smooth move and probably win the race. I considered and made peace with the idea that Jorge Lorenzo was back and would probably… Read More ›

Triumph and Heartbreak at Indy

I love how summer breaks end in a flourish, with fireworks to boot. That’s exactly what happened as we headed to Indianapolis this MotoGP weekend. We were treated to a stunning Qualifying with promises of a phenomenal race. Hearts were broken, as were records, and redemption just about slipped through our riders’ fingers. The Crutchlow… Read More ›

[NEWS] WSBK Indian Round Cancelled

FIM today announced the cancellation of WSBK’s India Round citing operational challenges. The races were scheduled to be held in November. It’s almost Murphy’s Law at play. And it does seem like the folks over at the Buddh International Circuit have no other option but to play along. The FIM today announced that Dorna World… Read More ›

MotoGP: The Re-run before the Restart

Laguna Seca and I seem to have a love-hate relationship. Case to point: Last year, was the Great Northern Power Grid incident. This year? An early morning flight that left my brains addled. Throw in a project that involves considerable brainpower and a certain legend that has nothing to do with motorsports or motorcycles, and… Read More ›