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[NEWS] WSBK Indian Round Cancelled

FIM today announced the cancellation of WSBK’s India Round citing operational challenges. The races were scheduled to be held in November.

It’s almost Murphy’s Law at play. And it does seem like the folks over at the Buddh International Circuit have no other option but to play along. The FIM today announced that Dorna World SBK Organization (DWO) and Jaypee Sports International Ltd (JPSI) have cancelled the inaugural Indian round of the 2013 WSBK championship. The round, also the final race of the season, was scheduled for November 17 and was to be held at the BIC.

FIM has cited “operational challenges” as the reason behind the cancellation. The race had earlier been scheduled for March but was postponed to November.

It doesn’t help that Indian motorsports fans have barely recovered from F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone’s announcement that the F1 circus will not be coming to India in 2014. Jaypee officials are pushing for fresh 2015 dates now. However, SBK’s future presence in the country seems to be iffy, as no new dates have been announced.

The FIM press release stated: “JPSI, the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) and the Indian Motorsport Marshals Club (IMMC) are working intensely together to make the Indian round as safe as possible in preparation for 2015. As a starting point, the BIC will play host to both the FMSCI 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler National Championship races from 13 to 14 September with fully trained IMMC Marshals officiating at the venue. JPSI has conveyed this to DWO, who appreciate the efforts being made to make it possible to host a round at some time in the future.”

The release quoted FMSCI president Vicky Chandhok as saying: “JPSI confirms its interest in going ahead with the race in the future. We look forward to them concluding an arrangement with DWO in order to arrive at a mutually convenient date and to ensure that India has the privilege of hosting a round in the near future.”

What will the fans do till then, I wonder?

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  1. Well that sucks, it felt like they would do this all along and that’s not fair on the fans.
    Motorsport generally needs to expand to markets who view AND buy (especially bikes) and that’s large, previously untapped markets like India, Asia and Russia.

    Sure it might mean that I have less choice of races to attend, but I have a home GP in all Motorsports in the UK (usually Silverstone) and have often hopped to Europe for the same price before my little boy was born, so why shouldn’t others be able to have that same great experience closer to home.

    Motorsport for all for me, and a ‘yes’ in your survey, I believe the positives it experiences from involving countries like India should outweigh the disadvantages ( transport costs for sm,aller teams for example.)

    They shouldn’t put racetracks on the calendar if they do not think they are up to standard YET. It just causes disappointment ( MotoGP repeatedly putting the Balatonring on the calendar when it
    wasn’t even built springs to mind!!!)
    Sad news, but a great talking point, nice write up too.

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