The throaty roar of an inline-four, the swish of a chequered flag, the camaraderie of riding together, and the legends and their greatest hits.

Day: August 26, 2013

Rookie Attack: The Brno Race Highlights

Marc Marquez, the youngest rookie on the circuit, solidified his championship lead, leaving the old guard scrambling for footing. Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo did however manage to join him on the podium. It was brilliant MotoGP racing as usual at Brno. By Chitra Subramanyam We all love young interlopers who leave the old guard… Read More ›

Where Were the Spa-rkles?: The F1 Race Review

The Spa fireworks were missing. There were no biblical downpours and very little wheel-to-wheel action. But worry not, says Nikki Grubb-Clarke. We will get some classic F1 action soon. Till then, make peace with the Finger Sebastian Vettel on the podium. At least, Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton made a comeback. Isn’t that a relief?… Read More ›