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Where Art Thou SBK?: A Junkie’s Nightmare

I am sure the title of this piece resonates with you. That is if you follow me on Twitter. I can’t help but count the times, and trust me there were many times, when I shouted at the television and yelled at the Indian sports channels on Sundays.

I would surf trying to find a live telecast of SBK and would fail. Instead, I would get channel upon channel of cricket, football, even golf once, for crying out loud. But no SBK.

I would grind my teeth, again and again (I ground them so much, I feared my mom would think I had worms), but there was no SBK.

There would be a ray of light…sometimes. But Race 1 would end and there would be no Race 2. There would be no WSS. I would grind my teeth and yell. We have an Indian team, for crying out loud! Where was the patriotic spirit?

Trying hard to catch some SBK live action!

Trying hard to catch some SBK live action!

Keeping this in mind, I can be forgiven, I guess, for my unfettered vitriol against Cricket. Oh if only you could hear my tone when I say that word.

Oh well. That’s not the point.

So, when Dorna and SBK became one for all, and all for one… a part of me kept my fingers crossed. I love the way Dorna has made MotoGP so accessible.

The MotoGP VideoPass is expensive (My credit card groaned as I swiped it for €99.95 last year and then again this year). But it is money well spent. To be able to kick back and watch a race, streaming, HD quality, without ads at the most crucial stage? And then to be able to revisit it again, and again? Priceless.

I was sort of hoping Dorna would do the same for WSBK.

It is bad enough that SBK cancelled its India round last year. It was worse that I literally had to trawl the internet to try and find ways to watch a race.

Well, I let out a halleluiah last evening and once again today when SBK issued a press release announcing the launch of the SBK VideoPass. The press release states, and I quote, “The 2014 season comes with a whole new set of possibilities – for fans, motorcycle racing enthusiasts and media worldwide – to follow all the action of the the eni FIM Superbike World Championship. The SBK VideoPass brings you full coverage of Saturday’s Tissot-Superpole and Sunday’s races for every round of the season, Live and OnDemand.”



Now before you scramble to swipe your card (like I did), take a deep breath. The Live bit is the confusing part. It comes with a little asterisk that says “if available in your country”.

And my guess is, it isn’t available in India. Well, because I did swipe my card. I have access to OnDemand, but unfortunately, not Live racing.

Not that I am complaining. The SBK OnDemand VideoPass is a fan’s dream. It’s reasonably priced at €24.90 and allows you access to the video archive dating back to 2006, as well as all season reviews starting from 1993. Stop salivating now. Plus, there is behind-the-scenes videos, interviews, featured videos and SBK Live Timing.

I did a little digging to understand TV rights and will update this post as and when I get more information. Meanwhile, do visit this post by the motorsports guru David Emmett as he explains how VideoPasses work.

Meanwhile, just under a week to go for the madness. Till then, I am doing some streaming of my own. I am going to kick back and enjoy my OnDemand. 

For more details, visit the SBK website


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  1. The Superbike pass is great value – much cheaper than MotoGP.
    I appreciate Dorna make great content for the MotoGP pass but the UK was lucky having MotoGP free-to-air for so long so I’m still pondering MotoGP pass or BT Sport package (which also gives me football etc).


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