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Under the Tuscan Sun: Mugello 2013

Come Sunday afternoon, our riders will get ready to lay siege on Mugello, that beautiful Italian circuit, home to Valentino Rossi’s most ardent fans and that one place every MotoGP worshipper must visit.

It is time for me then to make a little trip back to June 2013 and share with you a few memories from my visit to Mugello.

Ah! Sweet, sweet Mugello. I miss you.

I miss the Tuscan countryside, the deep greens, and the gentle rolling hills. Of course, it just so happened that the Tuscany valley in 2013 was cold, cold enough for hotel folks in Ronta to turn on the heating.

But dark, rain-filled clouds weren’t going to rain down on my parade. This was Mugello and there was no way that I was going to miss watching Valentino Rossi in action.

Imagine going through those famous gates that lead into the Mugello circuit and seeing this as you walk towards the Paddock? Who would ever want to ever ever leave?


If you are there on a Friday, you can of course make a quick pitstop at a Grand Stand for a spot of this…



And then head for the Paddock, but make a quick diversion to climb a long flight of steps to see this, even as you feel the wind whipping your hair.



Of course, a bit of Stefan Bradl will always make your day.



Or Cal Crutchlow? Wait, Valentino Rossi, you said?




There you go then. Some more Vale, because Mugello is never, ever complete without a touch of the Doctor.


Notice that man at the edge of the photograph, hugging the woman? He stood there, waiting for Vale… waiting… and waiting patiently, until he finally met the Doctor, hugged him, got a picture taken. You could feel the fan’s happiness!


Of course, this is just about inevitable… and purely fantastic! It was a sunshiny, bright sea of yellow…even though Vale crashed out of the race courtesy Alvaro Bautista.

Sea of yellow_Mugello_2013

And then I got the perfect picture, as I left on Sunday evening.


Do I want to return? Again and again. All the time. Will I? Maybe one day… Soon. It’s the only way you will ever see me this happy… sunshiny and happy. Motorcycles, racing, Tuscany, pasta and wine. Only a fool would complain!

A happy monkey.

A happy monkey.


MotoGP Mugello 2013 would not have been possible without the Eni – Energy for Success 2012 Press Award

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