The throaty roar of an inline-four, the swish of a chequered flag, the camaraderie of riding together, and the legends and their greatest hits.


About Riding Fast and Flying Low

It was August 2010. I stood in rainy Cadwell Park, watching superbikes fly over the ‘Mountain’ during the British Superbike championship. It was a turning point. This award-winning blog was born less than two years later. It was a result of a long love affair with F1, of days spent obsessing over superbikes and MotoGP, and of passionate conversations with friends as crazy about motorsports as me. This blog is just the beginning of a life-long dream.

About Chitra Subramanyam

Happiness at Valencia. Image courtesy Eni

Happiness at Valencia. Image courtesy Eni

I have clocked in over 9 years as a journalist in newspapers and magazines (mostly in New Delhi, India and briefly in Tallahassee, Florida), and, after a six-year stint at an international publishing house, have moved back to my first love—journalism.

My portfolio is mostly made up of stories from the world of crime (as I was a crime reporter and later a courts reporter) and long-form profiles of businesswomen, activists, and sportspersons. One of my first motorsports stories was on the Raid de Himalaya.

My real passion is writing long-form narrative, most of which you can see on the blog here. I can be spotted on race weekends, wearing team colours (depending on what race it is), screaming at the television and writing like a woman possessed. I love the roar of superbikes, the growl of F1 cars and believe in Ayrton Senna. My proudest moment was when I travelled to Valencia to receive the Eni – Energy for Success award.

Guest Columnist: Nikki Grubb-Clarke


Nikki is a 30-something life-long Motorsport fan who fell in love with Formula 1 when her young heart was stolen, never to be returned, by Ayrton Senna. Feisty by nature, she always tells it how it is and is no respector of reputation – if a driver is having a bad driving day and is making excuses, that’s exactly what she’ll say. Follow her on Twitter

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  1. … (u hav) miles to go, before u leap!



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