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Renault announces a return to F1 in 2016

December 4, 2015

A Lotus F1 Team Press Release Following the September announcement of the signing of a Letter of Intent with Lotus F1 Team, teams at Renault continued to evaluate the possibility of a return to Formula 1. Particular attention was paid to competing successfully with its own team in a financially sound way starting in 2016…. Read More ›

Racing With Ayrton Senna: 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix

Frozen in Time: 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix What Brazilian Grand Prix Where Sao Paulo, Brazil When March 1991 “He was so exhausted, and in such pain from cramp in his shoulders that he could not get out of the car. When he finally made it to the podium, he could barely stand, and he was… Read More ›

Racing With Ayrton Senna: 1990 Japanese Grand Prix

Frozen in Time: 1990 Japanese Grand Prix What Japanese Grand Prix Where Suzuka, Japan When October, 1990 “Unfortunately, we touched in the first corner, when we were fighting for the lead, and we both went off.” –Ayrton Senna to a reporter, while walking back to the pits Race Brief And so it was that once again,… Read More ›

Racing With Ayrton Senna: 1989 Japanese Grand Prix

Frozen in Time: 1989 Japanese Grand Prix “Ayrton Senna is of course famous for his ruthlessness and dramatically capable passing manoeuvres. He’ll just dive in where very few other people will dare to tread, and people move over when they see Senna approaching in their mirrors.” — Murray Walker while commentating on the 1989 Japanese Grand… Read More ›

Racing With Ayrton Senna: 1989 San Marino Grand Prix

Frozen in Time: 1989 San Marino Grand Prix What San Marino Grand Prix Where Imola, Italy When April 1989 “Afterwards, he argued that it wasn’t the start – it was the restart, so the agreement didn’t apply. As I said, he had his own rules, and sometimes they were very…well let’s say strange. It had been… Read More ›

Safety F1rst

By Nikki Grubb-Clarke Well wasn’t that just the longest of winters? But fear not my fine friends, F1 – and more importantly Riding Fast & Flying Low’s F1 Column – is back, and if you ask me, it’s better than ever! Now when I sat down to plan this column, I was going to talk… Read More ›

Surprising Suzuka

After the yawn-fest that was Korea, Nikki Grubb-Clarke had almost given up on F1. Then, along came Suzuka. And it is here, at the swirly, twisty, figure-8 classic circuit that she finally hoped! Because for the first time, in a long, long time, they raced… Today is a day I never thought I’d see. It… Read More ›

Suzuka: F1 Qualifying Notes

By Nikki Grubb-Clarke It would be tremendously remiss of me to start writing about this weekend, without starting by conveying the shock and devastation of all of us here at Riding Fast and Flying Low upon hearing the news of the passing of Maria De Villota. Not just a great racing driver, Maria has shown… Read More ›

Falling in Love Again!

The Singapore Grand Prix and my reaction to it, left me wondering if I was falling out of love with F1. But then, something changed… I should be honest. I really should. I wrote this post a long time ago. Less than an hour after the Singapore race, to be exact. It was a relief,… Read More ›

Yawn, It Was F1 in Monza

It’s not often that one has to take a long breather post-race to actually sit down and write about it. But that’s exactly what happened during the F1 race in Monza. Sebastian Vettel won an easy race, running almost-perfect, while Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber took 2nd and 3rd place. By Chitra Subramanyam You can… Read More ›