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There And Back Again: Journey Through Dakar

April 5, 2015

One of the things I absolutely adore about writing on motorcycle racing (besides the armchair adrenalin rush one tends to get) is that it keeps you honest. There is no room for charade or pretentiousness. The other thing and perhaps the most important thing are its people. Motorcyclists are anyway a bunch of stubborn, hard-nosed… Read More ›

Unlocking the Mysteries of Termas de Rio Hondo: An Interview with Jarno Zaffelli

The MotoGP circus is now treading unknown waters as it makes its way to Argentina, home to the tango, the incredible works of Jorge Luis Borges, and football maestros Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. The riders are on their way to fast-flowing and enigmatic Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo, created by circuit designer Jarno Zaffelli.  Zaffelli was named… Read More ›

Ready to Go: An Interview with Alessandro ‘Alex’ Zanardi

Alessandro Zanardi is ready to go. In one week, the BMW works driver will start his motorsport comeback season. In the 2014 Blancpain Sprint Series, the 47-year-old will race a BMW Z4 GT3 modified to his special needs and entered by ROAL Motorsport. The season opener will take place on Easter Monday, 21st April, at Nogaro (FR)…. Read More ›

EXCLUSIVE: 2014 Is Going To Be One Helluva Ride: Interview with Amit Sandill

Last year they were a young team that entered the WSS melee with much fanfare, and backed by a big Indian name, a cricketer who has women swooning, and men puffing up. A year later, the Mahi Kawasaki Racing Team India has established itself as a serious competitor. After all, it isn’t often that a… Read More ›

The Importance of Being Chaz Davies: An Interview

He has a host of titles to his name. In 1999, at age 12 he was ‘Superteen of the Year’ and in 2002 he became the youngest rider to complete a full Grand Prix season. Then, one year into the Supersport World Championship, he took the prized Supersport World Champion title. Along the way, he… Read More ›

The Real Tom Sykes: An Interview

It hasn’t exactly been the easiest of days at the historical, mad, crazy Autodromo Nazionale Monza. The sun stayed hidden behind gloomy clouds and the track rendered slippery by a seemingly ceaseless downpour. But it’s business as usual inside the Kawasaki Racing Team garage. The team has exactly one day to get a perfect set-up… Read More ›

The Laverty Way: Interview with Eugene Laverty

You have to weave through a thronging crowd, avoid long tubes lying curled up on the ground, and hop over hundreds of feet, to get to the giant, grey doors. A discreet sign – one you can miss quite easily – tells you exactly where you are: Aprilia Racing Team. Push the doors open, and… Read More ›

Bruno Speak!

The Silverstone race kicked off a brilliant start to Bruno Senna’s WEC career this season. It has heralded new beginnings and fresh promises. Bruno spoke to Brazil’s Terra TV on his first WEC race at Silverstone, the first win, his F1 aspirations and why racing at the ovals is not an option. Gisele L. Varotti… Read More ›

The Colombian Touch: Yonny Hernandez

2012 was a big year for Yonny Hernández. The 24-year-old Colombian was rubbing shoulders with the big guns at MotoGP and holding his own. He was an incredible blend of passion and talent radiating a determination you often see in those riders who live to race. It was his debut season, but you wouldn’t have… Read More ›

Carpe Diem: An Interview with Jenny Tinmouth

There are some people who dare to dream, and then take baby steps towards it. Then, there are others – like Jenny Tinmouth – who seize their dream and do what is needed to make it real. No wonder then that the 34-year-old from Chester, UK has a stream of accomplishments to her name. She… Read More ›