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Under a Starlit Qatar Sky: MotoGP’s 2017 Season Begins

38. Let’s just let that sink in for a minute. 38. Years. Old. Even now, you cannot ignore the force that is Valentino Rossi. Or, ignore it, but at your peril, because you cannot underestimate the nine-time world champion. So, 38! (And I crib about aching bones and turning 40). Just for that, I want… Read More ›

5 Things You Missed Because You Were Too Busy Watching the #SepangClash

Amidst all the hullabaloo and recrimination, the controversies and the fan fights, the closed-door meetings and tight-lipped press releases, the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix is fast going down in history as the #SepangClash. But there was more to the race than just the infamous Marquez vs Rossi duel, grumpus Jorge Lorenzo’s so-called podium thumbs-down post… Read More ›

Perfect Tedium Or When Lorenzo Leads From the Front

Just for kicks, I went back to all the posts I have written on Le Mans. There aren’t very many – just three, starting with the rain-drenched 2012 Le Mans starring Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi and zero visibility. I went back because there is always something awesome about the past – to see it then,… Read More ›

The Hunting Game

It’s like they say in the Capitol, “May the odds be ever in your favour”. But it wasn’t just the odds. There was gritty determination, perfect strategy and unlikely mistakes, all of it enough for the hunter to become the hunted on that sunny Sunday afternoon in Argentina. And then there was that man –… Read More ›

The Doctor Strikes Back: MotoGP at Qatar

On Race Day, we are all experts. We have our favourites, we know the circuit, we know the weather, and we can guess, for all practical purposes, at the winner. What would happen then if amid all the guessing and all the expert talk, came a man – who has been written off time and… Read More ›

Rain at the Cathedral – MotoGP at Assen

Assen has always had a way about it. Every season, the Cathedral throws up moments that we remember, moments that we return to again and again, to savor and treasure. Saturday was no different. It broke records – something that has sort of become convention this season, not that we are complaining. It was crazy,… Read More ›

Obliterate! The Silverstone Qualifying

By Chitra Subramanyam Massacred. Obliterated. Devasted. Take you pick, because that’s exactly what happened to the Silverstone lap record. In the end, it was the young rookie Marc Marquez who ruled, taking pole and destroying the previous lap record. Keeping him company on the front row are Jorge Lorenzo and Cal Crutchlow My favourite Silverstone… Read More ›

Under the Tuscan Sun: Mugello MotoGP Qualifying Notes

They say that there is only one place in the world where you can get a taste of the ‘real’ MotoGP. I just want to give whoever ‘they’ are a big hug. There can be nothing more spectacular than this circuit that sits nestled in the Tuscany hills, surrounded by thick, green forests as far… Read More ›

Rush Hour: MotoGP Goes to Le Mans

It is always the wild races that we remember – the crazy, wonderful ones that begin with a sense of normalcy, until the lights turn red and the riders take off leaving chaos in their wake. Le Mans did that in 2012. It was when Casey Stoner stunned everyone with his I-am-retiring-now announcement, which of… Read More ›

Memory Games: MotoGP, The 2012 Season

I am so excited; I could jump up and down screaming Halleluiah. We are well into January and there’s two more months to MotoGP season. Oh, I can’t wait. I have been this lost soul, wandering through my Sundays watching TV shows like there is no tomorrow. And while I simply adore Dean and my… Read More ›