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Rain at the Cathedral – MotoGP at Assen

Assen has always had a way about it. Every season, the Cathedral throws up moments that we remember, moments that we return to again and again, to savor and treasure. Saturday was no different. It broke records – something that has sort of become convention this season, not that we are complaining. It was crazy,… Read More ›

Qualifying Chaos: From Assen to Argentina

Come on, you have to admit it. There can be nothing like race weekend. And heart-stopping, foot-stomping, scream-at-television-worthy racing is best had in twos. Combine The Cathedral (also known as the TT Circuit Assen) with the new kid on the block, Argentina’s Circuito Termas de Rio Hondo, and you know it is a weekend that… Read More ›

10 Things to Do Before the First Race of the Season: MotoGP

It is here. Finally. give us the hallelujah… The shout of joy… The cheer… And the giddy, happy, monkey dance that you reserve for the racing season. Because it is here. Finally. Winter is gone. The roar of the engines will resound through the night (at least this side of the ocean), and the leathers… Read More ›

[NEWS] Lorenzo to Miss Sachsenring After Crash

Disaster struck the Yamaha Factory Racing team today, after Jorge Lorenzo crashed during the second free MotoGP practice session at Sachsenring. It has been announced that the reigning world champion will not participate in the eni Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland this weekend. Instead, Lorenzo is returning to Barcelona, a team press release said, to undergo… Read More ›

The Doctor and The Man of Steel: Assen Race Review

I know this post is late. But in all honesty, it took me a while to catch my breath. Saturday races at Assen are never easy and always manage to throw me for a loop. Add a nail-biting, throat-hoarse-from-screaming, manicure-ruining race into the mix, and you have one exhausted race-watcher on your hands. I did,… Read More ›

Double Whammy

There’s no way of saying this, other than just saying it. I love motorsports in that giddy, happy, bouncy way. So, I always feel guilty when I am trying to prioritize races. Take motorcycle racing. There are Sundays when I have to choose: MotoGP or World Superbike Championship? If you follow me on Twitter, then… Read More ›