The throaty roar of an inline-four, the swish of a chequered flag, the camaraderie of riding together, and the legends and their greatest hits.

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Racing With Ayrton Senna: 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix

Frozen in Time: 1985 Portuguese Grand Prix What Portuguese Grand Prix Where Estoril, Portugal When April, 1985 “He went out there and just blew everybody else away. It was one of those motor races of all time – not for the closeness of competition, but for exactly the reverse. Anyone who stood there that day… Read More ›

Up Close & Personal

It was Bruno Senna’s first WEC race at Silverstone and a momentous occasion at that. For Clara Bennett though, it was a dream come true. She got to meet and hang with Bruno and watch him take the first place on the podium for Aston Martin Racing. This is how it happened. By Clara Bennett… Read More ›

Three in One

My eyes are a little glazed over right now and I am probably a little cross-eyed to boot. One thing is for sure though I have race-addled brains. You can’t really blame me. I woke up this morning, and instead of indulging in an extended lie-in, watching re-runs of Supernatural (hey, it’s Sunday); I rushed… Read More ›

The Bruno Way

It was October 2012. The sun was shining down on the greens, as I hugged the wire fence looking at Turn 1. I could see him at a distance. I tried hard to ignore the excited little flip my stomach did, as I watched him coming toward me. The sun glinted against the yellow-green helmet,… Read More ›

That’s All Folks!

Lady Luck screamed, “Hurrahhhh,” as Sunday night came upon us. I sat cross-legged in front of the television. My heart rate was inexplicably high; I Tweeted like a woman possessed, and shushed my dad as he tried to have a conversation with me. The stakes were high. Fernando Alonso was the last man standing between… Read More ›

Warning: Ice Ahead

He crossed the finish line and listened as his team congratulated him over the radio. Then he said, “I told you guys, don’t stop believing.” Sebastian Vettel had come a long, long way, one that involved starting from the pits, right at the back, and ending the race at 3rd. It was a phenomenal race,… Read More ›

Up Close and Personal

They say F1 is a TV sport. And perhaps, they are right, in a way. They say you can never see a complete race live on track. Perhaps they are right, in a way. They say there is no point in watching an F1 race live. They are absolutely dead wrong. Television only tells you… Read More ›

A Time For Redemption

I have a serious bone to pick with Lady Luck. She toys with us, leads us on, and then, gives us ‘The Finger’, not once but twice in a row! This has been a fine icing to a cake that is under tremendous stress. I mean, first there’s Lew-Lew who goes all silver on us…. Read More ›

The Monza Mystique

Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes a classic track and throws everything – including the championship – for a twisted, confused loop. I shouldn’t be surprised. It is after all, Monza – the granddaddy of tracks. We pay obeisance at its doors – this temple of speed – as we… Read More ›

This is Spa-rta

Remember the F1 of old? You know the sort I refer to: Neck-to-neck racing, wheel to wheel, racer versus racer, unexpected moves, fanatical overtaking, unbelievable speed, and heart-in-mouth till the very last minute. It was never clinical, defined only by the virtues of a machine. Why am I so sentimental? That’s because it was Spa… Read More ›