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Four Men In A Boat: MotoGP in Argentina

This is the story of four men and how they made a few things very clear at the second MotoGP race of the season in Argentina. One staked claim to the 2017 championship while displaying his mastery over a machine he had only just begun to understand. Another proved, yet again, with his innate ability… Read More ›

5 Things You Missed Because You Were Too Busy Watching the #SepangClash

Amidst all the hullabaloo and recrimination, the controversies and the fan fights, the closed-door meetings and tight-lipped press releases, the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix is fast going down in history as the #SepangClash. But there was more to the race than just the infamous Marquez vs Rossi duel, grumpus Jorge Lorenzo’s so-called podium thumbs-down post… Read More ›

The Hunting Game

It’s like they say in the Capitol, “May the odds be ever in your favour”. But it wasn’t just the odds. There was gritty determination, perfect strategy and unlikely mistakes, all of it enough for the hunter to become the hunted on that sunny Sunday afternoon in Argentina. And then there was that man –… Read More ›

A Perfect 100: MotoGP at Jerez

Sunday morning dawned shiny and happy. It was Jorge Lorenzo’s birthday and he was on the front row, at second place. It seemed like he had finally broken free of that nastiness, which has dogged him through the first couple of races this season. Plus he had led the warm-up lap with 1’38.983s and was… Read More ›

The Young Jedi vs. The Master: Qatar Grand Prix

Valentino Rossi couldn’t have said it any better.   “It’s the first time it looked like an old race from MotoGP from ten years ago, all together on the same pace, some mistakes, going wide and so on. Maybe Dorna had a good idea!” he said in a Yamaha-issued press release, after the Qatar Grand… Read More ›

Victory in Valencia: Marc Marquez, 2013 MotoGP World Champion

Caught your breath? Shrugged off the last vestiges of adrenalin that pumped through your veins, as you watched the final MotoGP race of the season? Now, tell me. Was it everything you wanted? Everything you thought it would be? It was. Wasn’t it? There it was, the final battle – wild, crazy, brilliant and thrilling,… Read More ›

The Seagull, a Pirouette, and Some Motegi Weather As Well

This post was supposed to be about the Australian Grand Prix. A tad late I admit. But Motegi came along and elbowed its way in. Jorge Lorenzo was relieved – he is back in the championship game after all. Marc Marquez was determined – must win. And there were typhoon warnings. What will happen next?… Read More ›

The Great Battle of Sepang: MotoGP Race Review

Sepang became the arena for the much-awaited battle between Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez. It was also a moment of redemption for Dani Pedrosa, as he tried really hard, to shake the Aragon dust off his feet. It has been a long time in coming – that battle. We have been expecting it, haven’t we?… Read More ›

Swinging Through Sepang: MotoGP Qualifying Notes

So, did you catch the Qualifying results? Who would have thunk it eh? Well, actually, I bet a lot of people did. After all we can safely say – championship or no championship – this has been the Marc Marquez year. You may love him. You may hate him. But the 20-year-old Spaniard has swept… Read More ›

The Misano Moment: MotoGP Race Notes

Jorge Lorenzo set a masterful pace at the San Marino Grand Prix in Misano, making it his 3rd consecutive win at the circuit. Marc Marquez took 2nd place, extending his lead in the championship, while Dani Pedrosa took 3rd. I have to admit, I was pretty kicked about the race at Misano. What was not… Read More ›