The throaty roar of an inline-four, the swish of a chequered flag, the camaraderie of riding together, and the legends and their greatest hits.

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The Battle Begins: Marquez Tops Qualifying at Sachsenring

Sachsenring hasn’t been too kind to our riders this weekend, as the MotoGP weekend kicked off with a crash-strewn practice session and a nail-biting, wobbly qualifying. Jorge Lorenzo will not be racing tomorrow and Dani Pedrosa’s participation is still in doubt. The championship contender now awaits a green signal from the medical team. It became… Read More ›

Wet and Wild: The Grand Finale

It has been exactly three weeks to the day. You would think the memory has dimmed. But it hasn’t. I let my eyes glaze over a bit and think back. The memories come flooding back – the growl of the motorcycles echoing through the circuit, looming dark grey clouds across the sky, the smattering of… Read More ›

You Could’ve Been No. 1

She adores MotoGP, LOVES Valentino Rossi and is a complete SBK junkie. Oh, she would also like a direwolf, thank you very much. Gisele L. Varotti writes about the Phillip Island round of MotoGP, its ups, downs, the new World Champion, and good ole Dani. By Gisele L. Varotti I get so focused when I’m… Read More ›

Slippery When Wet

The rear lights glinted red, almost otherworldly. The helicopter camera zoomed out, but the circuit at Sepang disappeared amidst a smattering of raindrops that blotted the lens. On the track, Jorge Lorenzo fought to make up lost ground and find his way past Dani Pedrosa. But it was slippery, and the riders left a plume… Read More ›

Chills, Thrills and Spills

If you are anything like me and follow the world of motorsports in an obsessive manner, then you know what I mean, when I say this summer break has been interminably long. What better way then to ring in the return of racing season, than at the Indianapolis circuit? It’s enough to give man and… Read More ›

The Corkscrew, Ducati, and the Northern Power Grid

You know how you build things up, wait for them in anticipation, jumping at the lead, impatient, and tapping your feet in an incessant manner? That described me, the evening before the Laguna Seca GP. The night drew on, dragged almost, as my eyes drooped. But I stood stubborn. Superman Returns blared on TV. Twitter… Read More ›

Sachsenring in 5

I have really gone and done it, haven’t I? Left it for the absolute last. There is nothing worse than writing a race review on the eve of the next race. But, after that mind-blowing Qualifying, I must do justice to the Sachsenring race. There were several incredible moments there, in-team breathless battles that threw out some startling… Read More ›

Down Came The Rain

I have realized that heart-pumping, adrenalin-racing races can be just about as exhausting for the fans as it is for racers. Case to point: the Le Mans MotoGP. It was supposed to be just another MotoGP race with the usual suspects on the podium. But 10 minutes into the race, my cup of tea lay… Read More ›