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Changes in Start Order for Superbike IOMTT Races 2017

There are a number of big changes to the starting order for the RST Superbike and PokerStars Senior TT Races at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races fuelled by Monster Energy. Nineteen of the first 20 seeded riders have lapped at over 128mph and between them have a remarkable total of 71 TT victories… Read More ›

IOMTT 2016: Hutchy sets an unofficial outright lap record on a superstock bike

For the sixth successive evening, conditions were perfect for the final night’s full qualifying session at the 2016 Isle of Man TT races, fuelled by Monster Energy, and it proved to be the fastest session ever witnessed around the Mountain Course as Ian Hutchinson lapped inside John McGuinness’ outright lap record – on his Superstock… Read More ›

Triumph and Tragedy: Northwest 200 2016

  My battered iPad was balanced precariously on my lap, my fingers clutched at its edges as I screeched. First there were two racers side-by-side on that narrow road. Then there were three. “Eeeeeeee,” I screeched, as the commentators chattered loudly, rapidly, in the background. Then, another rider inched his way up, coming up on… Read More ›

Hutchy is awarded the Torrens Trophy

This post, albeit a press release, comes a little late. But there was no way in hell I was missing out on this piece of news. I love news stories that celebrate one’s courage and dogged determination to follow a dream, no matter what. Isn’t this just about the best way to kick off a new year and… Read More ›

IOMTT 2015: Fast and Furious: John McGuinness Takes Home the 2015 Senior TT

Riders have always coveted the crown for the gruelling and revered Senior TT. The 6 laps around the course are unforgiving, and this eternal classic on the TT calendar has an exclusive membership. Only 45 riders have made it on to Senior TT’s roster. Of these only 1, the legendary Mike Hailwood, collected 7 Senior… Read More ›

IOMTT 2015: And That Makes It 3. Hutchinson Wins The Second Supersport Race

The Isle of Man TT had geared itself up for another afternoon of racing ready for records to be broken and remade. And so had Ian Hutchinson. He is a man on a mission, determined to make up for lost time, and to put his stamp on the TT record books. From a hellish five… Read More ›

IOMTT 2015: Superstocks, A Double Whammy and the Big 10 for Hutchy

That’s the thing about the TT. No two days are the same. It will always throw you for a loop. There is one constant guarantee however. There is always the drama, of the heart-in-mouth, sweaty-palms variety; the kind that is perfect for stories that make legends. Like Tuesday afternoon on the island. The RL 360… Read More ›

IOMTT 2015: Don’t Stop Believin’. Ian Hutchinson Wins The Supersport TT

There will always be some race wins that will leave you overwhelmed, stumbling to get past that huge lump in your throat or discretely wiping away that errant teardrop. Those races are the epitome of willpower, a perfect example of what single-minded resolve, focus, courage and self-belief look like. Five years ago no one thought… Read More ›

IOMTT 2015: Misbehaving Weather and Thursday’s 130mph Marker

After behaving itself all through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the weather finally turned on Saturday, forcing Isle of Man TT officials to call it a day – just for one day, that is. Especially since high winds over the mountain section made it almost impossible for the medical helicopter to provide coverage. Sunday’s race schedule… Read More ›

Ian Hutchinson Signs a Last-Minute Deal For The TT

Ian Hutchinson has secured a late deal to ride a Yamaha for British championship outfit Team Traction Control in the Supersport class at the 2015 Isle of Man TT Races fuelled by Monster Energy. Hutchinson had been due to compete for Tsingtao Racing on an MV Agusta, but the team has opted to skip the… Read More ›