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Remembering Veenu Paliwal

As a motorsports blogger, I have always witnessed the incredible camaraderie that exists within the riding community in India. I saw the community come together once again this week, to mourn the passing of Veenu Paliwal, a gutsy woman who was riding cross-country. Sunday morning brought with it riding clubs and groups across the country… Read More ›

[NEWS] Kawasaki unveils the Z800 in India

When the invitation finally popped into my inbox, I sent up a prayer. Finally, I said, Finally! I had really good reasons for my fervent gratitude. Everyone knows my soft spot for the racing green. And well, Kawasaki has been in India forever. First with Bajaj, bringing in the more street and city friendly bikes… Read More ›

[NEWS] WSBK Indian Round Cancelled

FIM today announced the cancellation of WSBK’s India Round citing operational challenges. The races were scheduled to be held in November. It’s almost Murphy’s Law at play. And it does seem like the folks over at the Buddh International Circuit have no other option but to play along. The FIM today announced that Dorna World… Read More ›

A Day With Champions

Summer is nearly here. But the heat was deceptive this Saturday. A fresh, cool breeze edged puffy, white clouds towards the blazing sun, bringing an intermittent shade. It didn’t really matter though. The heat was irrelevant at the Buddh International Circuit. The pitlane was buzzing. My friends, the bikers, tapped their feet, adjusted their leathers… Read More ›

[News] SBK: Wait…Just A Little While Longer

The FIM today announced that the Indian round of the World Superbike race has been shifted from March 10 (the second race of the season) to November 17, as the final race of the season. The Indian round was already a topic of hot debate, thanks to India’s customs officials. reported, “Under Indian law,… Read More ›

Up Close and Personal

They say F1 is a TV sport. And perhaps, they are right, in a way. They say you can never see a complete race live on track. Perhaps they are right, in a way. They say there is no point in watching an F1 race live. They are absolutely dead wrong. Television only tells you… Read More ›