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The Rise of the Green Machines: SBK at Aragon

The first race of the season always throws me for a bit of a loop. It is followed by over a month’s gap before the second WSBK race. So I never really know whether I should treat it as a forewarning of things to come. Or should I treat it as a teaser? Or maybe… Read More ›

Hello Again: SBK Goes to Nurburgring

The WSBK break is over. FINALLY! And we now head to the Green Hell, one of the most beautiful and scariest circuits on the calendar. The stakes are now high and the Aprilias and Kawasakis are getting ready to battle. But it was Ayrton Badovini who stole everyone’s thunder by grabbing pole during Superpole at… Read More ›

The Triple Attack

After Max Biaggi announced his retirement last year, people wondered what would happen to Aprilia and its championship hopes. Well, the soothsayers, their predictions and assumptions took a backseat this weekend. Our favourite warriors gathered around Phillip Island at the first race of the 2013 season and spent their time playing catch-up. The Aprilias were… Read More ›

[NEWS] Kawasaki’s 2013 SBK Colours

Kawasaki revealed its colours and the glorious ZX10R ahead of the 2013 World Superbike Championship season in Barcelona a few days ago. The ceremony took place at the Fostering Arts and Design Institute as guests got an inside look into what it takes to convert a stock Ninja into a race-worthy Superbike machine. Kawasaki Europe… Read More ›

[NEWS] Back Again: Red, Green and Blue

Now I know how bears feel as they come out of hibernation. Honestly, I love the winter, its crisp cold and icy rain. In Delhi, spring is full of allergens and pollen, and summer is replete with glaring blue skies and a harsh sun that seeks to blind. But, I must say there is something… Read More ›

Interview With: Loris Baz

After a drought of news, hectic press releases and race reviews, and weekends spent wandering woefully though the city, the sun shines bright. My inbox slowly fills with updates, pictures of 2013 bikes and rider line-ups and press releases, which contain that wonderful world: ‘testing’. This week, it is Kawasaki’s turn. Tom Sykes, Loris Baz… Read More ›

Memory Games: WSBK, The 2012 Season

Sunday dawns and I look around nervously, glancing at the clock, waiting for 5.30pm. Then, I stop, sigh a big, sad sigh and walk away from the television. Youtube is my new best friend. I watch races on repeat again, and again, and then again. The countdown clock on my computer doesn’t believe in the… Read More ›

To The Racing Green

My heart skipped a beat, leaving me breathless, the first time I saw that Green: glinting, candy-lime, with golden flecks, sunlight bouncing off my friend’s ZX12R. My heart still does that little dance when I see the colour, slightly different; a beautiful lime green, as it zips past my television screen. Amidst the blacks, reds,… Read More ›