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Renault announces a return to F1 in 2016

A Lotus F1 Team Press Release Following the September announcement of the signing of a Letter of Intent with Lotus F1 Team, teams at Renault continued to evaluate the possibility of a return to Formula 1. Particular attention was paid to competing successfully with its own team in a financially sound way starting in 2016…. Read More ›

Home Run: The Spanish Grand Prix

By Nikki Grubb-Clarke We go into the Spanish Grand Prix being told about the tradition of the race. A race almost always won from poll. In its 20+-year history, you can count on one hand the number of times when, in good weather, the race has not been won from the front row. But this is… Read More ›

Desert Storm

If all we did was look at the winner of the Bahrain Grand Prix, then I guess, we would think that the race was nothing special. Sebastian Vettel won yet again, his finger raised up high, victorious. Sigh! But, even as I watched The Finger cruise to a podium win, I sent up a prayer… Read More ›

Totally Tyred Out

Have you recovered from last weekend’s racing day marathon? I haven’t, but I can’t wait for some more madness. Even as we get ready for our next instalment at the controversial Bahrain circuit, it’s time for my race review. Don’t groan. I promise not to give you a blow-by-blow, just a few highlights, that’s all…. Read More ›

Three in One

My eyes are a little glazed over right now and I am probably a little cross-eyed to boot. One thing is for sure though I have race-addled brains. You can’t really blame me. I woke up this morning, and instead of indulging in an extended lie-in, watching re-runs of Supernatural (hey, it’s Sunday); I rushed… Read More ›