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Memory Games: WSBK, The 2012 Season

Sunday dawns and I look around nervously, glancing at the clock, waiting for 5.30pm. Then, I stop, sigh a big, sad sigh and walk away from the television. Youtube is my new best friend. I watch races on repeat again, and again, and then again. The countdown clock on my computer doesn’t believe in the… Read More ›

All For The Want Of 0.5 Points

If ever there was a race that made me sit on the edge, then this was it. If ever there was a race that swung back and forth – from absolute despair to hope – then this was it. If ever there was a race where there was a tinge of disappointment in even victory,… Read More ›

Snakes & Ladders

With just two races to go, you would think the World Superbike Championship was in the bag. Say again? You wish! If anything, the Championship had a massive toss-up at Portimao. It does look like the motor sports world has, this season, decided to be wishy-washy. Good for us, I say. There has been much… Read More ›

Going to Hell and Back

If you have read my blog long enough, you know that I love classic circuits. You know the sort: twisty, technical, fast, challenging, and absolutely mind-boggling. None of that post-modern stuff for me, thank you very much. Needless to say, I squealed with delight when WSBK headed to Nürburgring. Kawasaki, The Green Hornet, at the… Read More ›

Double Whammy

There’s no way of saying this, other than just saying it. I love motorsports in that giddy, happy, bouncy way. So, I always feel guilty when I am trying to prioritize races. Take motorcycle racing. There are Sundays when I have to choose: MotoGP or World Superbike Championship? If you follow me on Twitter, then… Read More ›