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Yawn, It Was F1 in Monza

It’s not often that one has to take a long breather post-race to actually sit down and write about it. But that’s exactly what happened during the F1 race in Monza. Sebastian Vettel won an easy race, running almost-perfect, while Fernando Alonso and Mark Webber took 2nd and 3rd place. By Chitra Subramanyam You can… Read More ›

The Importance of Being Chaz Davies: An Interview

He has a host of titles to his name. In 1999, at age 12 he was ‘Superteen of the Year’ and in 2002 he became the youngest rider to complete a full Grand Prix season. Then, one year into the Supersport World Championship, he took the prized Supersport World Champion title. Along the way, he… Read More ›

The Laverty Way: Interview with Eugene Laverty

You have to weave through a thronging crowd, avoid long tubes lying curled up on the ground, and hop over hundreds of feet, to get to the giant, grey doors. A discreet sign – one you can miss quite easily – tells you exactly where you are: Aprilia Racing Team. Push the doors open, and… Read More ›

Practice Makes Perfect

What can I say? It has been exhausting, exhilarating and absolutely phenomenal. I know I haven’t been as up-to-date with the blog as I would like to be, but between watching the practice sessions, qualifying, interviews, hopping from one garage to another, the days have been nothing short of fanatical. I come away with profound… Read More ›

Calling Elvis – The Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying Review

Nikki Grubb-Clarke takes you through the Spanish Grand Prix Qualifying. It was a rubbish day for the McLarens and Williams, and a not-so-rubbish day for Lewis Hamilton and crew. The best moment of them all, of course, was when Lew-Lew put Sebastian Vettel in his place. We have been waiting for it, haven’t we? Now… Read More ›

Monza Ahoy

They say silence in golden, but in my case silence has more to do with my day job, i.e. that which pays the bills. Considering I was taking a lot of time off, I figured, it was time I earned my keep. Then, on Thursday I hopped on a flight and made my way to the temple… Read More ›

The Monza Mystique

Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes a classic track and throws everything – including the championship – for a twisted, confused loop. I shouldn’t be surprised. It is after all, Monza – the granddaddy of tracks. We pay obeisance at its doors – this temple of speed – as we… Read More ›