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Mugello Magic: Lorenzo’s Leap and A Sea of Yellow

There has always been something special about Mugello. Maybe it has something to do with the rolling, green Tuscan hills nestled up against the blue sky. Or it probably has something to do with that sea of yellow and the Vale song; an addictive chant that you invariably join, “Ole, ole, ole! Vale, Vale, Vale.”… Read More ›

Perfect Tedium Or When Lorenzo Leads From the Front

Just for kicks, I went back to all the posts I have written on Le Mans. There aren’t very many – just three, starting with the rain-drenched 2012 Le Mans starring Casey Stoner, Valentino Rossi and zero visibility. I went back because there is always something awesome about the past – to see it then,… Read More ›

The Black Mamba Strikes: Of Jumping Jacks in Jerez

Sure, the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez this Sunday lacked the thunder and lightning of the past few races. There was strategy – but just a tad. There was emotion and adrenalin, yes. But it was not the nerve-wracking, heart-thumping, screaming-at-the-screen variety. Instead, there was a steady progression to the top, a race well run,… Read More ›

The Hunting Game

It’s like they say in the Capitol, “May the odds be ever in your favour”. But it wasn’t just the odds. There was gritty determination, perfect strategy and unlikely mistakes, all of it enough for the hunter to become the hunted on that sunny Sunday afternoon in Argentina. And then there was that man –… Read More ›

The Doctor Strikes Back: MotoGP at Qatar

On Race Day, we are all experts. We have our favourites, we know the circuit, we know the weather, and we can guess, for all practical purposes, at the winner. What would happen then if amid all the guessing and all the expert talk, came a man – who has been written off time and… Read More ›


It was in Motegi that the war was lost. It was in Motegi that the king was crowned. The Japanese Grand Prix was a tale of the inevitable, when Marc Marquez became the uncontested 2014 MotoGP world champion. But the battles were far from over. If you thought that the masters of MotoGP would roll… Read More ›

The Return of the Doctor: Rossi wins at Misano!

It was enough to break through the writer’s block. It was enough to bring one out of what seems to be eternal hibernation. It was enough to get the heart thumping, the blood pumping, and the adrenalin flowing. That’s what he does, isn’t it? All the time. Without fail. Breaking through the naysayers and haters,… Read More ›

Rossi signs new two-year contract with Yamaha

  Yamaha Motor Co. today announced a new two-year agreement with Valentino Rossi. The nine-time world champion will continue to race with Movistar Yamaha MotoGP for the 2015 and 2016 MotoGP World Championship seasons, according to a team press release. The announcement comes midway through an excellent season for the MotoGP veteran. Rossi currently sits… Read More ›

Rain at the Cathedral – MotoGP at Assen

Assen has always had a way about it. Every season, the Cathedral throws up moments that we remember, moments that we return to again and again, to savor and treasure. Saturday was no different. It broke records – something that has sort of become convention this season, not that we are complaining. It was crazy,… Read More ›

MotoGP at Catalunya: A Qualifying Review

It took 7 qualifying sessions at 7 different circuits for Marc Marquez’s pole position streak to finally come to an end. A review of the Catalan Qualifying session The only thing we love more than a proper battle for position during a race is a good old-fashioned surprise. Admittedly there haven’t been that many of… Read More ›