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Welcome to the Green Hell: German Grand Prix Qualifying

By Nikki Grubb-Clarke Ahh, the Nurburgring. If you listen to James May, the place that makes cars rubbish if manufacturers choose to test them there. If you listen to everyone else, the track with the single most brilliant nickname in the whole wide world, ever. The Green Hell. Imagine it said in a deep voice,… Read More ›

Going to Hell and Back

If you have read my blog long enough, you know that I love classic circuits. You know the sort: twisty, technical, fast, challenging, and absolutely mind-boggling. None of that post-modern stuff for me, thank you very much. Needless to say, I squealed with delight when WSBK headed to Nürburgring. Kawasaki, The Green Hornet, at the… Read More ›

Win in Black

The world of motorsports has been choc-a-bloc with excitement. But perhaps more so for Sailesh Bolisetti and Phil Glew who saw their maiden GT4 win at the British GT Nürburgring race. Here is how it actually happened, word for word, from Sailesh.  Just about a month after my British GT debut, I found myself at Nürburgring… Read More ›

Back in Black

The Green Hell is synonymous with challenges that have spanned generations. So, when Sailesh Bolisetti sent me a copy of a press release after the practices sessions, I realized it was important to give you an update on how things are panning out in Nürburgring. Sailesh will of course share his experiences at this German… Read More ›

Heading to Hell!

Sailesh Bolisetti was busy getting ready for Nürburgring, but took some time out to write a post for Riding Fast and Flying Low, a precursor to what will be an extremely challenging weekend at one of the most exciting and difficult circuits in Europe. It is 5.148km long and Sir Jackie Stewart nicknamed the old… Read More ›