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Suzuka: F1 Qualifying Notes

By Nikki Grubb-Clarke It would be tremendously remiss of me to start writing about this weekend, without starting by conveying the shock and devastation of all of us here at Riding Fast and Flying Low upon hearing the news of the passing of Maria De Villota. Not just a great racing driver, Maria has shown… Read More ›

The Crown Prince: Monaco Race Review

Monaco lived up to its reputation, despite the tyres that tried to spoil the game. History was made and once again, F1 came alive on the streets of this beautiful, historic city. Of course, it couldn’t have been made possible without the Grinch, Cheeky Checo, Kimster and good old Nico, says Nikki Grubb-Clarke Football. A… Read More ›

This is Spa-rta

Remember the F1 of old? You know the sort I refer to: Neck-to-neck racing, wheel to wheel, racer versus racer, unexpected moves, fanatical overtaking, unbelievable speed, and heart-in-mouth till the very last minute. It was never clinical, defined only by the virtues of a machine. Why am I so sentimental? That’s because it was Spa… Read More ›

Hungary For More

F1 fans are high maintenance. Don’t shrug. You know I speak the truth. It’s not our fault though. The Great Masters have spoilt us. So, we do tend to get pretty grumpy, when races fail to measure up. Take Hungary, for instance. I was expecting something spectacular. Don’t snigger now. This season has been pretty… Read More ›

After the Deluge

Who would have thought it eh? Staying afloat was the Great Saturday Qualifying Challenge. But come Sunday, it was the players, and not the elements, that threw up the real drama. Silverstone was the next playground for all those little stories that have made this season so special. Tyre management and strategy was the biggest… Read More ›

The Valencian Volte-Face

Every race has its moments. There have been many moments this season. And just when I thought things couldn’t get any more interesting…WHAM, it got super exciting. In my defence, it was Valencia, not an exciting track by a mile. But there I was, sitting in front of my television, shaking my fist at the… Read More ›