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Welcome to the Green Hell: German Grand Prix Qualifying

By Nikki Grubb-Clarke Ahh, the Nurburgring. If you listen to James May, the place that makes cars rubbish if manufacturers choose to test them there. If you listen to everyone else, the track with the single most brilliant nickname in the whole wide world, ever. The Green Hell. Imagine it said in a deep voice,… Read More ›

Dear Pirelli, What The Hecky-Pecky Was That?

Traumatised by the events at the Silverstone Race, Nikki Grubb-Clarke writes to Pirelli, asking them one simple question: Whaaat the hecky-pecky was that? My Dearest Pirelli, Hello! Long time, no speak – I trust you’re missing me oodles! I hope my letter finds you well on this beautiful summer’s day. Me? I’m not so good…. Read More ›

[NEWS] Pirelli: No Favouritism

As much as we would hate to admit it, tyres are fast becoming the most popular word in F1. Bang on the heels of the Mercedes-Pirelli controversy, the tyre company today announced a con-call press conference – open to whoever has Internet i.e. the world at large. Paul Hembery didn’t pull any punches as he… Read More ›

The Crown Prince: Monaco Race Review

Monaco lived up to its reputation, despite the tyres that tried to spoil the game. History was made and once again, F1 came alive on the streets of this beautiful, historic city. Of course, it couldn’t have been made possible without the Grinch, Cheeky Checo, Kimster and good old Nico, says Nikki Grubb-Clarke Football. A… Read More ›

The Royal Touch

Monaco: It’s a name that sends shivers down our spine. That’s just the way it always has been – challenging, twisty, through the streets of one of the most glamourous places in the world. It’s no different for Nikki Grubb-Clarke. She tells you exactly why this king of all grand prix will always be a… Read More ›

Hungary For More

F1 fans are high maintenance. Don’t shrug. You know I speak the truth. It’s not our fault though. The Great Masters have spoilt us. So, we do tend to get pretty grumpy, when races fail to measure up. Take Hungary, for instance. I was expecting something spectacular. Don’t snigger now. This season has been pretty… Read More ›