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Who is Fastest Now: Qualifying at COTA

The stakes were high and the gloves were off at the much-awaited COTA qualifying this weekend. MotoGP had finally made its way to the Americas, bringing with it many questions. The biggest, of course, was all about Marc Marquez: Will the 2016 World Champion take home yet another win at the Circuit of the Americas?… Read More ›

IOMTT 2015: Franck Petricola Dies In Qualifying Crash

Isle of Man TT newcomer Franck Petricola died following a crash at Sulby Crossroads Wednesday night during the timed qualifying session. The 32-year-old French rider was making his TT debut this year. According to a statement issued by ACU Events Ltd: “Petricola was a regular competitor in the IRRC Championship and enjoyed his best season… Read More ›

Rain Plays Spoilsport At The First 2015 Isle of Man TT Qualifying

Qualifying for the 2015 Isle of Man TT Races, fuelled by Monster Energy, got underway on Saturday evening and although weather conditions meant the F2 sidecars failed to get out on track, the Lightweight class got a full session under their belts with Ryan Farquhar leading the way at 117.12mph. The session got underway with… Read More ›

MotoGP at Catalunya: A Qualifying Review

It took 7 qualifying sessions at 7 different circuits for Marc Marquez’s pole position streak to finally come to an end. A review of the Catalan Qualifying session The only thing we love more than a proper battle for position during a race is a good old-fashioned surprise. Admittedly there haven’t been that many of… Read More ›

Fastest: Qualifying in Mugello

There are just so many reasons why it is so easy to fall in love with Mugello. It could be the weather – warm sunshine, when there are no dark clouds heavy with rain, of course. It could be Valentino Rossi’s helmet, a truly spectacular unveiling. It could be the ‘sea of yellow’, the sound… Read More ›

Get, Set, Vroom – SBK at Phillip Island

FINALLY! Nothing could have ruined Saturday for me. Nothing! Not the fact that I couldn’t get the WSBK and WSS Superpole sessions live on television. Not the fact that I couldn’t get it either on my WSBK VideoPass (yes, it seems like I am only eligible for OnDemand. Oh ye Gods!) Not even the fact… Read More ›

Montreal Madness: Qualifying Review

By Nikki Grubb-Clarke Ah Montreal! A track named after one of the greatest drivers never to be the World Driver’s Champion that has offered some absolute STORMERS in the past. Quite literally in 2011, when a 2-hour stoppage due to bad weather gave us the longest race in the whole wide world ever and the… Read More ›

The Kingmaker: Monaco Qualifying Review

By Nikki Grubb-Clarke I LOVE the smell of Monaco in the morning! OK, Afternoon – picky, picky! Qualifying is super important in the beautiful Principality. If you want to finish on the podium, you HAVE to qualify well. So how does the land lay going into the Qualifying? Pull up a chair… The Practice sessions… Read More ›

Dreams Do Come True

My tummy did a funny little flip-flop on Saturday morning, as I watched motorcycles whizz by. We were all heading to the same destination. I had recovered from my 10-hour flight from Delhi to Valencia via mad Paris, not counting the 4-hour wait at Charles de Gaulle. I craned my neck, straining to see ahead,… Read More ›

…And Then It Poured

I love the monsoons in Delhi. The rains sweep away the dust, the grime, and the heat leaving the city clear, whitewashed. But the rains at a circuit on race weekend are a different story. They give birth to stories, legends even. It’s these stories that stay with us for eternity. They bring a sparkle… Read More ›