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Victory in Valencia: Marc Marquez, 2013 MotoGP World Champion

Caught your breath? Shrugged off the last vestiges of adrenalin that pumped through your veins, as you watched the final MotoGP race of the season? Now, tell me. Was it everything you wanted? Everything you thought it would be? It was. Wasn’t it? There it was, the final battle – wild, crazy, brilliant and thrilling,… Read More ›

What They Said: Sound Bytes from Misano

This is what the top 4 masters had to say after the MotoGP race at Misano: Jorge Lorenzo, 1st place, Yamaha Racing (Championship Standing: 219 points) “Luckily we improved the bike a lot in warm up, especially in braking so we improved the lap time and the pace quite a bit. I was convinced to… Read More ›

Rush Hour: MotoGP Goes to Le Mans

It is always the wild races that we remember – the crazy, wonderful ones that begin with a sense of normalcy, until the lights turn red and the riders take off leaving chaos in their wake. Le Mans did that in 2012. It was when Casey Stoner stunned everyone with his I-am-retiring-now announcement, which of… Read More ›

[NEWS] Back Again: Red, Green and Blue

Now I know how bears feel as they come out of hibernation. Honestly, I love the winter, its crisp cold and icy rain. In Delhi, spring is full of allergens and pollen, and summer is replete with glaring blue skies and a harsh sun that seeks to blind. But, I must say there is something… Read More ›