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Surprising Suzuka

After the yawn-fest that was Korea, Nikki Grubb-Clarke had almost given up on F1. Then, along came Suzuka. And it is here, at the swirly, twisty, figure-8 classic circuit that she finally hoped! Because for the first time, in a long, long time, they raced… Today is a day I never thought I’d see. It… Read More ›

Hungarian Happiness: When Lewis Hamilton Won

Kimi Raikkonen was icy calm as always. Sebastian Vettel was relegated to a lower step on the podium. Thank God! But Lewis Hamilton was the true star at the Hungarian Grand Prix. He ran a flawless race and his victory was a long time in coming. Nikki Grubb-Clarke squeals with happiness and rejoices! You remember… Read More ›

Hot in Hungary: F1 Qualifying Review

The steaming hot track at Hungaroring was the F1 qualifying arena for the 10 round. But the you-can-fry-eggs-here track did not prove to be a deterrent as Lewis Hamilton swept past Sebastian Vettel to take pole, even as Romain Grosjean smiled his way to 3rd on the grid. But will Lew-Lew finally get the win… Read More ›

Desert Storm

If all we did was look at the winner of the Bahrain Grand Prix, then I guess, we would think that the race was nothing special. Sebastian Vettel won yet again, his finger raised up high, victorious. Sigh! But, even as I watched The Finger cruise to a podium win, I sent up a prayer… Read More ›

[NEWS] The Lotus Way

Earlier this week, Lotus became the first F1 team to unveil its arsenal before the Great Battle of 2013. The E21 still has the stepped nose and stays in tune with its predecessor, the E20. But it does incorporate a few innovative technical solutions as well as a touch of red in its livery. Technical… Read More ›

A Time For Redemption

I have a serious bone to pick with Lady Luck. She toys with us, leads us on, and then, gives us ‘The Finger’, not once but twice in a row! This has been a fine icing to a cake that is under tremendous stress. I mean, first there’s Lew-Lew who goes all silver on us…. Read More ›

Hungary For More

F1 fans are high maintenance. Don’t shrug. You know I speak the truth. It’s not our fault though. The Great Masters have spoilt us. So, we do tend to get pretty grumpy, when races fail to measure up. Take Hungary, for instance. I was expecting something spectacular. Don’t snigger now. This season has been pretty… Read More ›

Montreal Magic

I was tired, grumpy, and decidedly lacklustre this Monday. But it was a small price to pay. After all, how many times in a year do you stay up past midnight to watch an F1 race? So while Delhi was asleep, waiting to ring in yet another Monday morning, I was wide-awake, yelling at the… Read More ›