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The Crown Prince: Monaco Race Review

Monaco lived up to its reputation, despite the tyres that tried to spoil the game. History was made and once again, F1 came alive on the streets of this beautiful, historic city. Of course, it couldn’t have been made possible without the Grinch, Cheeky Checo, Kimster and good old Nico, says Nikki Grubb-Clarke Football. A… Read More ›

Desert Storm

If all we did was look at the winner of the Bahrain Grand Prix, then I guess, we would think that the race was nothing special. Sebastian Vettel won yet again, his finger raised up high, victorious. Sigh! But, even as I watched The Finger cruise to a podium win, I sent up a prayer… Read More ›

[NEWS] McLaren: The Past, its Present and A Touch of Future

McLaren kicked off its 50th anniversary celebrations today with the unveiling of the MP4-28, their vehicle to the F1 podium and hopefully, championship success this season. From the outside, it all looks the same: the car, the colours, and even the livery. But it isn’t. The MP4-28, says a McLaren press release, is much more… Read More ›

Warning: Ice Ahead

He crossed the finish line and listened as his team congratulated him over the radio. Then he said, “I told you guys, don’t stop believing.” Sebastian Vettel had come a long, long way, one that involved starting from the pits, right at the back, and ending the race at 3rd. It was a phenomenal race,… Read More ›

Welcome to India

“They aren’t being very subtle, are they,” Lady Luck said, settling down next to me and propping her feet up on my dashboard. I swerved and hit the brakes. “Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked, as an irritable driver honked behind me. “Oh, Sepang was done. They’re all in Phillip Island now,” she… Read More ›

[News] I Had Scrambled Drivers For Breakfast

Remember how we started the F1 season? I know it’s a distant memory – it is for me. So much has happened since then. But remember the beginning? Our greatest heartache then, was those ugly-ass noses. I mean, for crying out loud. Wondering why I am bringing that up right now? Friday was supposed to… Read More ›

The Monza Mystique

Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes a classic track and throws everything – including the championship – for a twisted, confused loop. I shouldn’t be surprised. It is after all, Monza – the granddaddy of tracks. We pay obeisance at its doors – this temple of speed – as we… Read More ›

Montreal Magic

I was tired, grumpy, and decidedly lacklustre this Monday. But it was a small price to pay. After all, how many times in a year do you stay up past midnight to watch an F1 race? So while Delhi was asleep, waiting to ring in yet another Monday morning, I was wide-awake, yelling at the… Read More ›