The throaty roar of an inline-four, the swish of a chequered flag, the camaraderie of riding together, and the legends and their greatest hits.

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Surprising Suzuka

After the yawn-fest that was Korea, Nikki Grubb-Clarke had almost given up on F1. Then, along came Suzuka. And it is here, at the swirly, twisty, figure-8 classic circuit that she finally hoped! Because for the first time, in a long, long time, they raced… Today is a day I never thought I’d see. It… Read More ›

The Dilemma

I know I have been pretty quiet in the days leading up to and after the Bahrain GP. It’s very unlike me. But honestly, I wanted to think carefully, before sitting down to write this post. There is a part of me that wants to take the easy way out – to overlook the civil… Read More ›